"What Can I Say?"

    In her new one-woman comedy/drama, improvisational theatre trailblazer Daena Giardella portrays a talk radio host dealing with threats of censorship from her micro-managing boss and the FCC. Meanwhile, with less time and energy in her busy schedule to see friends, she worries that she is secretly becoming a closet misanthrope.

    In What Can I Say? Daena takes a hilarious and compassionate look at the mental and emotional overload of our stressful modern lives as she also tackles the hot news headlines and issues of the day. 
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"Now What?" Performances
"Plays" Performances
    A hilarious look at harried advertising executive Louise Travail as she tries to get away on vacation.
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"Bare Essentials" Acting
    Temp secretary, Rita Callibrani, who describes herself as a "serial monogamist", learns to live alone as she confronts the outrageous challenge of being human.
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"Moment to Moment" Improvisation
    A story of survival in the 90's as seen through the experiences of a woman living in "safe rooms" in Israel during the Gulf War.
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"Yes to Everything"Actor
    Spontaneous theatre based on current events and audience suggestions. A kaleidescopic gallery of Daena's inner characters travel through an unpredictible landscape of images and inpulse.
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"Opposites" Improvisation
    "Opposites" is inspired in part by Daena's recent journey to ancient temples in Malta and Sicily. It explores the story of a woman travelling back through ancient rituals events in order to discover answers to her modern dilemmas .
"Balancing Acts"Performances
    Balancing Acts is a comedy drama about a woman who is struggling with memory loss, sleep deprivation and other symptoms of disorientation and overwhelm. She feels like a lost hitch hiker sitting in the breakdown lane of the information superhighway. She swears that time is speeding up. She soon realizes that she is an actress who has been cast in the play "Waiting For Godot", although she cannot remember what the play is about or which character she is supposed to play. She develops an elaborate relationship with a director who never appears and with the audience who she decides must have been sent by the "brilliant experimental theatre director". As she gradually pieces together memories from her own life and fragments/images from "Godot", she undergoes a powerful transformation that centers on her relationship to herself and her daughter. Themes, images and references from "Waiting For Godot" as well as the Greek mythic story of Demeter and Persephone are blended into the performance.
"The Swan Soliloquy"Theatre
    If Hamlet where a woman, she might smile at the Swan Soliloquy
    A little piece of Shakespeare that Shakespeare never wrote. A tapestry of Heroines, harlequins, lover's and others. A riddle of identity to be solved or not to be. The Swan Soliloquy takes a behind scenes look at an actress caught in the act, preparing to play the role of her life. The plot moves back and forth between a modern and Elizabeth stage, with several of Shakespeare's ladies echoing in the characters that come from the actress's own everyday experience. Among the characters she meets are a Bag Lady, a disco queen and a Cambodian Refugee from the Khmer Rouge genicide.
"Mabud & Friends"Improvisation
    A collaborative performance with musicians and audience interaction. "Mabud and Friends" highlights the story of a homeless woman and her encounters with various people from life's "fast track" she surprises and dares with her magical wisdom and humor.

    Daena offers performances which may be specially designed around the themes of conferences, training programs, theatre festivals, and educational events. She incorporates the particular needs and issues of each group into her original performances. Some organizations have utilized Daena's performances as keynote presentations to "kick-off" an event or as evening entertainment during weekend or longer gatherings. Through original characters, music, dance and stories, Daena creates exciting performances that reflect the psychological, social and cultural complexities of our lives. She often tackles serious subjects while simultaneously finding disarmingly hilarious images and comedic monologues that reveal "the outrageous challenge of being human". Daena's performances give audience members an entertaining and transformative experience that helps integrate the themes and learning issues covered in the conference.
For more information call 617.924.9596 or by email: daena@daenagiardella.com.
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