"Moment to Moment"
Improvisational theatre
"MOMENT TO MOMENT" A Surprising Social Satire About Surviving In The 90's CREATED AND PERFORMED BY DAENA GIARDELLA

Featuring keyboardist Alizon Lissance and percussionist Frank Molina

"MOMENT TO MOMENT" owes its initial inspiration to the several years that Daena Giardella spent living and performing in Israel, most specifically, to her experience during the Scud Missile attacks against Tel Aviv during the Gulf War. But, "MOMENT TO MOMENT" also draws much of its material from her observations of our rapidly changing world, and each performance is imbued with a sense of spontaneity reflecting the current social and political issues as they continue to develop.Improvisational theatre

Bay Windows calls Giardella "a wonderfully talented performer dedicated to perfecting the precision and challenge of improvisational theater." Much of the plot echoes Giardella's real life experiences in her journeys through Israel and Egypt. In "MOMENT TO MOMENT" we follow the story of a woman who finds herself in a deep and unexpected love affair with the ancient desert lands of Israel, only to be "rudely interrupted by Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait." The ensuing Scud Missile attacks on Tel Aviv become the backdrop of Giardella's mesmerizing full-body story telling as she enacts her true life experience of being several blocks away from where the first bombs fell. "It's a fascinating improvisation, her use of ordinary plastic bags, baking soda, a chemical war survival manual and a gas mask mixing with improvisational music ... to create a palpable Improvisational theatreunderstanding of what it's like to be terrified during war ... A crash course in appreciating the now," says Bay Windows. We meet a myriad of other characters along the way, including a young Israeli grammar school student who is trying to cover her fears about the bombings by drawing colorful pictures on her gas mask box. Hannah, the feisty 80 year old Holocaust survivor, whom Giardella meets in a bomb shelter turns a piece of plastic into a prayer shawl as she invites us into the inner sanctum of her memories. "Giardella sees her role as performer as one who interprets chaos through a poetic soul," (THE JEWISH ADVOCATE) and throughout "MOMENT TO MOMENT" powerful dramatic events are often punctuated by wildly outrageous satirical humor. It is "an absurdly serious look at surviving what Israelis call the fog of war' by learning to live, fully, moment to moment," says Giardella.

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© 2000 Daena Giardella

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