"Yes to Everything"
Featuring Musicians Alizon Lissance and Frank Molina

Actress, dancer DAENA GIARDELLA brings her original blend of theatre, music, and movement to the creation of "YES TO EVERYTHING!.," an unpredictably scripted performance about the inner "committee" of sub-personalities that haunt us all even on our best days! Giardella deftly employs several large physio-balls as movement collaborators as she explores the continuous jockeying for power among these very familiar innImprovisation Performanceser characters -- the punk rebel, the worried neurotic, the shadow self, the sassy inner child, the sexually active sage and many more! "Giardella evenhandedly sends up the premises of the theatrical canon and ... major trends in psychology...Unpretentious and often very funny her best bits and most memorable characters emerge without warning... " says The Boston Globe. Giardella creates a highly physical universe of movement theatre characters whose bodies and voices seem to evolve magically through the metamorphosis of perpetual motion. The Boston Herald calls her "a talented comedian and gifted actress ... " Each performance is stirred up with invited suggestions, requests and images from the audience whose input runs the gamut -from Nancy Reagan at K-Mart to dealing with creativity blocks! The South End News says "YES TO EVERYTHING" is an entertaining vehicle for a talented performer ... The presentation of the Italian family (dinner and funeral) is a masterpiece of tragicomedy." High Performance describes the show as "an amazing array of characters ... surprising images ... filled with humor, with energy, with contact... the changes are mercurial ... flImprovisation Performancesuid... and incredibly integrated... terrific entertainment ... " All in all, it's an evening that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats!

Giardella is joined by the extraordinarily talented keyboardist Alizon Lissance who spontaneously composes original musical underscoring each evening with the help of percussionist Frank Molina.

For more information call 617.924.9596 or by email: daena@daenagiardella.com.
© 2000 Daena Giardella

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