Making the Most of a
Media Moment

When we step in front of a camera or a microphone we enter a realm where the impact of what we project as a person becomes sharply magnified. What our audience sees and hears is not necessarily the same as what we think we are conveying. The visual images of television and video invite the viewer into a very intimate communication with the presenter where the most subtle nuances matter the most. Similarly, the audio transmissions of radio quickly become translated into vibrant visual images in the mind of the listener. The camera and the microphone are magnifying mirrors of one’s presence and personality as well as one’s unconscious physical and vocal habits. In these amplified arenas, how we look and sound often becomes more important than what we know. Not even the latest technology can make us appear the way we want to be seen or heard if we lack clear intention and media presentation skills. Similarly, our command of the knowledge and information we possess can easily be overshadowed by feelings of awkwardness, discomfort or unfamiliarity with media situations. Our success in media interviews depends greatly on our ability to project authenticity, confidence, magnetism, focus, clarity and dynamic presence. When the magic is working, there is a powerful connection between the thoughts, sub-text and message of the speaker and the curiosity of the audience. When the magic is missing, the most innovative ideas, services or products can fall flat and seem uninteresting. The camera or microphone can become our best friend, but they can also be merciless adversaries if we are unconsciously projecting inhibiting thoughts, physical mannerisms or habitual expressions that undermine our intended goals. Most important, it is very important to possess the skills necessary for pro-actively shaping the direction of the interview conversation so that it stays on track with ones intended agenda. Because today’s marketplace incorporates highly sophisticated media on a daily basis, the need for competent coaching for media presentation skills has never been more crucial.

Daena Offers Group Training Seminars in MAKING THE MOST OF A MEDIA MOMENT™ as well as individual coaching sessions where participants:

  • Learn solid skills for effective on-camera performance, television and radio interviews, and web media presentations.
  • Develop focus, ease, authenticity, and spontaneity when speaking and listening.
  • Overcome nervousness and “stage fright” as well as distracting habitual gesture and vocal patterns.
  • Learn how to create succinct, “media friendly” talking points for interviews and presentations
  • Practice the art of staying on message when confronted with unexpected or tangential questions during interviews or in front of live audiences.
  • Learn to listen to the question behind the question in an interview.
  • Gain mastery in the “art of the moment” during taped interviews and live events.

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