Customer Service Excellence Skills

Excellent Customer Service depends on the creation of a good relationship with the customer. A solid rapport needs to be created immediately by the service professional. It has been shown that customers can sense the presence, attitude and skillfulness of the service professional within the first thirty seconds of the encounter. Active listening, clear communication, emotional intelligence, and the ability to perceive and respond to the customer's need are essential keys to success.

Employee effectiveness thrives when managers are committed to a pro-active policy that empowers service specialists to "think outside the box" and take initiative as they seek to address customer concerns, questions and complaints. Daena Giardella brings her extensive background in communication arts and group systems psychotherapy to the needs of industry for excellence in effective management/employee/customer interfacing in the realm of customer service. She focuses specifically on identifying and resolving hidden communication problems within interpersonal and inter-departmental relationships that may impact negatively on the customer. She also coaches individuals throughout the organization in effective leadership styles, communications skills, and professional presentation mastery.

Team attitudes and cultural diversity issues are also addressed in her diagnosis of communications systems problems as well as in the design and implementation of training remedies and educational programs. Daena brings many years of experience including her work with organizations from both the corporate and non-profit sector. Her skills have been most successfully applied to chronic communication problem areas that are negatively impacting employee performance and customer satisfaction. She specializes in the design of programs that incorporate creative and dynamic approaches to the particular training goals of the organization.

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