Creativity Coaching for Individuals and Groups

DAENA has been a CREATIVITY COACH for over 25 years. She brings her extensive background as a professional actress, theatre director, photographer and writer to each session. Creativity Coaching helps you gain more clarity about your goals, explore your vision, develop new ideas, and make action steps designed to help you achieve concrete progress. Daena asks each client to look at his/her relationship to the creative process. She utilizes her Personal Creativity Model (c) which describes the universal stages of the creative process and helps people identify what stage they are currently moving through.

In her upcoming book Daena says: "The creative process is not logical. There are no rules or formulas. While there some universal stages that often arise along the way, there is no set order to these stages. Your creative process is as unique as you are. When you become more conscious about our own process, you begin to recognize familiar feelings, experiences and thought patterns. This helps you to have more insight as you find yourself muddling around in a zone of confusion or resistance or self doubt. Some people have a pattern of feeling hopelessly stuck just before they are about to have a major breakthrough. Others habitually encounter patches of great dread and avoidance that makes the act of beginning difficult. Still others seem to repeatedly set up situations where they find themselves at the stressful edge of last minute deadlines. The key to successful creative ventures is cultivating awareness and insight about your unique creative process as well as your recurring stumbling blocks. Greater awareness helps you develop a practical game plan for overcoming these issues as you maximize your creative potential."

Daena's client include arts professionals, business leaders, managers, product developers, organizational consultants, educators, scientists, technology specialists--people from virtually very walk of life! A particular focus in Daena's work as a creativity coach is helping people who are in the midst of work/life transitions--potentially one of the most creatively fertile times in someone's life. She also coaches writers, actors, and directors in the creation of original scripts, screenplays, and fiction.

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