Making Your Best Presentation

The success of any event depends on the quality of communication that connects the participants. What does it mean to be well prepared when making a presentation or speaking publicly? First, a thorough command of the subject area or issue is necessary. But being informed with up to date data, cogent ideas or great flip charts is not enough. The presenter must have a mastery of communication skills. The presenter is a messenger who needs to be ready to transmit whatever is exciting, important, innovative or relevant to the audience. To persuade or influence others, the speaker must be even more interesting than the material s/he is presenting. While we are speaking, our audience is responding to the total image of the presentation. The speaker is always the focal point in that image. The content of the speech or briefing can be overshadowed by unconscious physical gesture patterns, vocal habits, distracting body language, or any sense discomfort or insecurity that the presenter may feel. If we are not at home in our own skin or comfortable with the sound of our own voice while we are standing in front of an audience, it is likely that our audience will not be at home with us either.

DAENA GIARDELLA believes that everyone who speaks in front of groups deserves to feel confidant, well prepared, and successful. She also believes that every person can develop the ability to give a dynamic and engaging presentation that highlights his/her unique personality and qualities. The key is to discover the style, delivery and approach that suit each individual, rather than trying to make the person fit into the latest fad or “off the shelf techniques.” In her training seminars and individual coaching sessions, she has helped people from virtually every profession dramatically improve their public speaking and group presentation skills. She brings her background as an actress theatre director, communications/creativity coach and teacher to her highly effective and acclaimed training programs. Daena encourages presenters to assess their strengths as well as identify areas where improvement might be helpful. She presents practical methods that address how to plan, develop and deliver an excellent presentation. She also helps participants feel comfortable calling upon specific skills that target the various speaking settings they are likely to encounter.

Daena Offers Group Training Seminars in Making Your Best Presentation™ as well as individual coaching sessions where participants:

  • Develop confidence, authenticity, personal presence, creativity and freedom as a speaker and presenter.
  • Gain trust and build on it in group settings.
  • Listen and speak proactively rather than passively.
  • Develop the physical and vocal freedom that enables us to become a successful speaker and a persuasive vehicle for our message.
  • Clarify a compelling message in each presentation.
  • Make presentations simple and clear—speak with the listener’s needs, knowledge and experience in mind.

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