The Art of Change

Presentations and Training Programs to address the specific issues that arise in our rapidly evolving modern business environments. She highlights leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills that are pivotal in the successful navigation of change cycles. She challenges the frequently held notion that unexpected change is something to dread and muddle through. Daena motivates participants to see that there is a skill-based art to succeeding in times of change.

Daena offers inspiring motivational perspectives and strategies to energize the members of group as they grapple with the realities of change. She brings insight, depth, humor and interactive elements to help illuminate key topics in the change map including:

The Challenges of Change
Individual Reflex Responses to Change
Change vs. Transition
The Crisis of Confidence
Identity—Finding the “I” of the Storm
Strategies for Dealing with Change
Corporate Change vs. Individual Change
Change and Core Values
The Uninvited Catalyst— Finding the Opportunity in Change
Expecting the Unexpected—The Essential “Yes”
The Master Improviser Model
Life Cycle Stages as a Backdrop to Our Relationship to Transitions

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