"Globe Calendar Choice"
    —The Boston Globe

    "8 Days A-Week" Critic's Choice
    —The Boston Phoenix

    "Behind the Scenes" Critic's Choice
    —The Boston Tab

    "A talented and gifted actress..."
    —Boston Herald

    "An enormously talented performer/improviser with a dancer's agility and a blues belter's larynx...her characters have heft and the advantage of surprise."
    —The Boston Phoenix See Full Review

    "It's an understatement to say that Giardella is excellent...the audience is witnessing true art...great drama… Actress/dancer/improvisation expert Daena Giardella takes a basic framework of drama and spontaneously weaves her storyline into and around bare bones. In some ways, her performances are like snowflakes; no two of them are exactly alike, and they're all uniquely beautiful."
    —Bay Windows See Full Review

    "Daena Giardella explodes on the stage. She inhabits every inch like a hologram: inside out, upside down, right side up...powerful physicality and impeccable comic timing."
    —Boston Citizen Journal See Full Review

    "What's so funny about Y2K? Just about everything, if you're rolling in the aisle at the Y2K Cabaret… Giardella gave a stunning, versatile and high-energy performance as Louise Travail who has "a lot of nervous energy and a long history of making lists."
    —The Taos News See Full Review

    "Giardella is a phenomenon...a classic actress...an intelligent clown."
    —Tel Aviv Haeer

    "Daena thrills the audience with an electrifying gallery of characters who transform unpredictably as they reflect the many faces of being human."

    "Bare Essentials soars with the fullness of Giardella's vision...she ranges from humor to pathos and turns a simple newspaper reading into a battle with the brutalities of modern life."
    —New England Entertainment Digest

    "An amazing array of characters...The changes are swift, fluid and incredibly integrated...the show is filled with humor and energy, with contact...terrific entertainment...The way she uses her voice, her expression, and her body, sometimes flowing, sometimes leaping from one wacky character to another, is so facile that she doesn't need props to help her out...a marvelous creation."
    —High Performance magazine

    "Giardella's performance [is] remarkable in Yes to Everything...Giardella, who is about as freewheeling and uninhibited a performer as you'll find in Boston, takes the audience on a journey to their own inner worlds and beyond through the use of her characters...Giardella is no ordinary performer. She's a multi-dimensional expressionist...Her range of skills is wide, and the changes from a child Italian grandfather or a vampiric femme fatale, are indeed remarkable. The free-flow sense of immediacy and spontaneity are fresh, and the sense of not knowing what's going to happen next keeps audiences on the edge of their seats."
    —The Patriot Ledger

    "Improvisational theater artist Daena Giardella's new one-woman show explores the tension between work leisure. The action focuses on the executive Everyperson, whose thwarted quest to get away on vacation leads to encounters with a withholding mother, Gen X receptionist, long-suffering travel agent, and other characters. Giardella flips from persona to persona, playing out themes of life, death, freedom, responsibility, and the search for fun... a must see." "Globe Calendar Choice"
    —The Boston Globe

    "Giardella plays an entire cast of characters... each persona is unique and deftly played. Giardella has an impressive repertoire and on-stage exuberance. She has truly perfected her craft, and in "PLAY" has created a visual performance that highlights her talent for improv and creativity... I was amazed at Giardella!"
    —Bay Windows

    "Giardella is an enormously talented performer. In "PLAY" there's the possibility that at any time you'll be asked to get involved. And the involvement that Giardella invites is quite intimate. She poses personal questions. She touches people... Each character is vividly and wittilty rendered. Like Lily Tomlin, Giardella has an exceptional knack for creating characters that are both quirky and familiar."
    —The Boston Phoenix

    "Daena Giardella is a wonderfully talented performer dedicated to perfecting the precision and challenge of improvisational theatre."
    —Bay Windows

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