"Daena's work is not only powerful, entertaining and provocative, it's filled with wisdom and insight. Through your laughter and tears, you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and the world we all share together. Give yourself the gift of Daena Giardella!"

    -Cheryl Richardson
    Author of “Stand Up for Your Life”, “Life Makeovers”, “Take Time for Your Life”

    "Daena Giardella is brilliant. I found her work to be extremely resonant, relevant, moving and funny. She gets to the heart of what is important. I wholeheartedly recommend her performances and classes to everyone"

    - Natalie Goldberg
    Author, "Writing Down the Bones; "Wild Mind"

    "Daena Giardella's creative theatre is riveting. With few props, few clothes, and a stage that she creates instantaneously moment by moment (through her imagination), she talks, laughs, sings, dances her way in and out of the tragedy and comedy that is our contemporary life. Her insight is electrifying. Her truth hurts and releases. Unforgettable theatre."

    - Marion Woodman
    Internationally known Jungian analyst and author

    “I found Daena Giardella utterly delightful. She is very talented, very funny, and I got a big kick out of her performance.”

    -Howard Zinn
    Historian and Author of “A People’s History of United States”.

    "Daena Giardella is a master artist and dramatist. Her work engages in a dialectical dance with life as she brings the whole body, mind and soul to meet in each performance. The range of her work is extraordinary, moving from the simple experiences of everyday life in the home, to street happenings, to great historical events and to stories which carry the power of the raging and compassionate heart found in the great myths...her work has a richness which matches the best I've ever seen."

    - Dr. Severyn T. Bruyn
    Professor, Boston College

    "What do you want from a night out? To be entertained? To be challenged? To laugh? All of these happen at the unique one-woman improvisational performance Bare Essentials. When Daena Giardella steps onto the stage, she brings her 'whole self' along...She takes us to belly aching laughter, the cusp of tears... We are transported to a world where the best thing to be is human and we join her in the merry-go-round of today's world."

    - Melissa Wilbricht
    Children for Uniting Nations Program Manager, Harvard M.B.A.

    "Move over Lily Tomlin, here comes Daena Giardella! Daena is just as versatile and entertaining as Lily Tomlin, but with a deeper psychological bent. Her characters are beautifully developed, instantly striking a deep chord of understanding in every one of us. She moves effortlessly from the adult overwhelmed with the logistics of her life, who can't stand another phone call, to the playful but scared inner child who wants to know about sex. Better than anyone else, she also plumbs the depths of the psychological 'basement,' the shadow characters of anger, shame, evil and death. Each performance is uniquely different, with just the right balance between preparation and improvisation. If you sit in the front row, you just might be included in the repartee. If you want to laugh and be moved at the same time, don't miss Bare Essentials."

    - Alan J. Slobodnik
    LICSW, Co-Founder OPTIONS Consulting,; Former Director, Kantor Family Institute

    "Daena helps people laugh at themselves. Her peformance spoke to me personally — her mother was my mother, her friend — well, I lost a wise friend who gave me comfort and advice with almost her last breath. It's a rich performance which I attended with my co-workers and friends — people living with HIV in one way or another. We left full of comfort and warmth. Daena is a hot cup of cocoa."

    —Enid Shulman
    Home Support Services, AIDS Action Committee

    "Daena Giardella's performances are wise, warm and witty — her observations and reflections speak to women's special vantage point as observers as well as participants in the universal human condition."

    - Louise Bonar
    Director, Center for Women and Change

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