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"Daena Giardella is brilliant. I found her work to be extremely resonant, relevant, moving and funny. She gets to the heart of what is important. I wholeheartedly recommend her performances and classes to everyone."

-Natalie Goldberg, Author of "Writing Down the Bones" and "Wild Mind"

"Daena's work is not only powerful, entertaining and provocative, it's filled with wisdom and insight. Through your laughter and tears, you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and the world we all share together. Give yourself the gift of Daena Giardella!"

-Cheryl Richardson, Author of “Stand Up for Your Life”, “Life Makeovers”, “Take Time for Your Life”

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DAENA GIARDELLA'S “IMPROVISATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE” is a lively and intelligent discussion of the elements of improvisation and their application to personal and workplace situations. It is a useful tool for organizational trainers and managers, educators, actors, corporate executives, artists, group facilitators, and anyone who is intrigued by the art of improvisation. Daena Giardella has been inspiring people for over twenty years in her performances, workshops, seminars and organizational training programs as an actress, teacher, communications consultant, and motivational speaker.

In "IMPROVISATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE"Daena illuminates the central skill areas of improvisational practice including acting from the moment, trusting spontaneous impulses, making bold active choices, and building ensemble/team awareness. She also offers helpful insights about transforming the "inner critic" into a source of positive energy and creativity."IMPROVISATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE" is the first of an exciting CD series by one of the true trailblazers of improvisational performance and training techniques.

“IMPROVISATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE” offers an exciting introduction to Daena Giardella’s unique approach to improvisation as a practice for personal creativity.

Some of the topics Daena discusses on her CD include:

    • Saying “Yes” to The Unexpected
    • Relationship and Events
    • The Inner Critic
    • Skills for A Changing World
    • Paradoxes of Improvisation
    • Creativity


Capture the Jazzy Fireflies of the Moment

Improvisational actress, teacher, trainer, and speaker Daena Giardella takes notions and principles from acting and helps you apply them to your own life. Her CD, Improvisation in Everyday Life, costs $27. For more information call 617-924-9596 or go to www.daenagiardella.com

Imagine a cat curiously pondering the joys of the kitchen cabinet: Kitty is "in the moment." Actress Daena Giardella proposes that we can learn from emulating that attitude of being, which is also the specialty of professional improvisers. Actually, improvisation is unavoidable, since every moment of life is excitingly, dangerously created on the spot, however seemingly scripted and predictable it may seem. Giardella invites you to first take a positive attitude toward accepting a given reality, and then enter the situation in an active, intentional, alive state. That positivity may also hold a fierce No in its fist, because indeed improv, like life, is also about "conflict, the friction, the heat, when contradictory impulses rub against each other." By accepting this Zen-like state, you, Life Improviser become loose and open to the perpetual freshness of life's possibilities, while at the same time staying internally centered. Koans and paradoxes abound here. There's tension between harmonizing with others and riffing your own, between yielding and standing firm, between respecting the immediate past and future and opening up to the crystalline Now. Improvisation is fun because it's humorous, absurd, and confronts the unknown sexily.

-Mopsy Strange Kennedy, Improper Bostonian Jan.22, 2003


For more information call 617.924.9596 or by email: daena@daenagiardella.com.
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