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Do you want more creativity in your life?

Changing Patterns:
Discovering the Fabric of Your Creativity
Daena Giardella & Wren Ross

Published by Hay House

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* Interview with Daena and Wren on Hay House Radio!
* Daena and Wren on the Jordan Rich Show, WBZ 1030AM Boston
* Listen to Daena on WZLX - "Common Ground" with Kimberly Jaeger

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"If you long to reclaim your creative self, look no further- the journey is outlined right here in the pages of this wonderful book! By exploring the complexity and joy of the creative process and then giving you an opportunity to use it, Daena and Wren offer a unique way to unwrap your creative gifts so you can share them with the world!"

~Cheryl Richardson, New York Times bestselling author of Take Time for Your Life

About the Book

In the first part of this book, Daena Giardella takes a fascinating look at how developing a dynamic relationship with your creative process can change your life. By understanding the psychological stages of the creative process, learning to define your unique work cycles, and making peace with your inner critic, you’ll learn to overcome the obstacles that keep you stuck, so you can finally allow creativity to take center stage in your life with passion and confidence.

In the second part, Wren Ross invites you to experience the power of the creative process using knitting as an active form of meditation. "Knitting is a profound metaphor for life," says Ross. "By observing how you begin and end a project, get out of tangles, and deal with mistakes, you’ll see how the act of creation can teach you a lot about yourself." Included are two simple and beautiful projects designed to help you reflect upon your personal life patterns.

This unique book combines the wisdom and creative genius of two artistic pioneers who have helped thousands of people access and express the fullness of their own creative potential.

About the Authors
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Where to Buy

Changing Patterns is now available in most book stores. You can also order it online at these fine retailers!!

Past Book Signings and Other Events

Feb 24 THE JORDAN RICH SHOW WBZ Radio 1030AM Boston — Midnight Interview with Wren and Daena

Feb 25 BORDERS BOOKS Shrewsbury, MA - 2 pm 508-845-8665

Feb 25 BORDERS BOOKS Braintree, MA - 7:30pm 781-356-5111

Feb 26 THE HARVARD COOP Cambridge, MA - 2-4pm 617-499-2000 & 617-499-2012

March 12 UNICORN BOOKSTORE Cambridge, MA - 2pm 617-876-4448

March 16 GREATER BOSTON KNITTING GUILD - 1:00 PM- College Club, BOSTON 617-734-4817

March 16 THE PAT AND TOM SHOW KNCI-FM (50,000 watts) in Sacramento - Interview with Wren and Daena - 5:20am PST

March 16 BOSTON CONSERVATORY, Boston, MA - 7:30pm (Students and Faculty)

March 21 Wren and Daena will be interviewed live by host Portland Helmich on My TV WZMY-TV - CHANNEL 18 - COMCAST - 8:30pm

March 23 QUEST BOOKSTORE, NYC - 7pm 212-758-5521

March 24 BORDERS BOOKS, Providence, RI - 7pm 401-270-4801

To participate in the telegathering, call (646) 519-5883 and enter the pin 2346# when prompted.

March 28 BORDERS- Nashua, NH – 7:00 Pm. 603-888-9300

March 30 BARNES AND NOBLE Framingham, MA - 7:30 pm 508-626-2823

April 3 SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actor's Guild/American Federation of Radio and Television Artists) Conservatory - StageSourceOffice, Boston, MA 617-262-5001

April 9 at 8:20-9am & April 23 at 7:20-8am WZLX 100.7FM "Common Ground" WITH KIMBERLY JAEGER - Interview with Daena and Wren

April 9 SUNDAY'S WITH LIZ WALKER - "Patterns" - 11am

April 9 PORTER SQUARE BOOKSTORE - Cambridge, MA - 2pm 617-491-2220

April 23 BORDERS - Chestnut Hill, MA, 2pm - 617-630-1120

April 27 NEWTON FREE LIBRARY, 7pm - 617-796-1360

May 6 FIBER ART CENTER- Amherst, MA - 3-5pm 413-256-1894

May 13 BORDERS Keene, NH 2pm - 603-357-7667

May 15 Wren Appears in "A Waking Up" on the NEW MORNING program on the Hallmark Channel at 7AM Est/Pst

May 18 BORDERS - Farmington, CT. 7pm - 860-674-8110

May 18 NBC 30 - Connecticut News - Between 10:30am - 11am - Interview with Wren and Daena

May 20 BARNES AND NOBLE - Portsmouth (Newington), NH, 2pm - 603-422-7733

June 2 LONGFELLOW BOOKS - Portland, ME, 7pm - 207-772-4045

June 17 TATNUCK BOOKS AND CAFE - Westborough, MA at 2pm

June 23 JABBERWOCKY BOOKS - Newburyport, MA 7pm 978-465-9359

June 27 IMEC (978-555-5510) North Andover, MA - 6:30-8:30pm

July 8 BORDERS BOOKS - Hyannis, MA - 7pm, 508-862-6363

November 4 FULLER CRAFT MUSEUM, Brockton, MA

November 18 BORDERS - 617-679-0887, Cambridge, MA (CambridgeSide Galleria)







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